Ten Cleaning Tips For Beds And Mattresses

We need to take good care of our beds and mattresses as we spend one-third of our lives on them. Instead they would repay us by giving a clean, healthy place to sleep.



Here are a few tips to keep your bed as well as the mattress clean:

  • Frame it right: purchase mattress and spring box as a set to make sure that the two pieces will work together harmoniously. You need to check the bed frame, larger mattress sizes –queen or king sized beds require center support or full width to span the wider width.
  • Give it a seasonal spin: rotate the mattress from heel to toe on the change of season. It prevents formation of sleeping wallows, caused by sleeping of the same person on the same side every night.
  • Flip it: some mattresses should also be flipped on the change of seasons.
  • Ban bouncing: discourage the kids from bouncing on the beds as it can damage the mattress and box springs and fracture the bed frames.
  • Suck it up: regular vacuuming keeps the vacuum clean and fresh. Remove all the bedding from the mattress, then use the upholstery brush to vacuum the top surface and sides of the mattress. Vacuuming removes dust, dust mites and skin flakes. Vacuum mattresses carefully while rotating them seasonally.
  • Cleaning the stains: it is beneficial to clean stains regularly so that they might not become permanent ones.
  • Controlling allergens in the bedroom: dust mites are a major cause of allergic symptoms in a house. It is necessary to clean dust mites asthese are found anywhere there are humans, humidity and higher temperatures, and are a cause for major allergic symptoms in the home. It is mainly their feces and dead body parts that cause allergic reactions and their food source is Us! If family members wake up each morning with puffy eyes and sneezing noses, its time to control the allergens in the bedroom.
  • Cover mattresses: by using vinyl covers, one can form a barrier between mites and the mattress.


  • Wash bedding often, in hot water: to kill mites, temperature of 130 degrees F is required. Mites can survive cold water washing. Wash sheets and pillowcovers weekly, and give, comforters and blankets a trip to the washer every month to six weeks.
  • Pitch the houseplants: houseplants are lovely to look at, but they bring pollen, insects, dust and microbes into the bedroom. For best rest, keep them in other rooms.

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