Tips For Cleaning Stains Of Colored Drinks And Cigarettes From A Mattress

For cleaning stainsof colored drinks from a mattress, following methods can be applied:

  1. Use a citrus cleaner or vinegar: either of these can be applied as a spray or onto a clean white cloth. Stains would be cleaned with the help of acids present in them.
  2. Application of rubbing alcohol: the stain will be further carried by the alcohol. The stain is blotted with a clean absorbent cloth which is dipped in rubbing alcohol, instead of pouring the alcohol over it.
  3. Talking to your mattress manufacturer or local dry cleaner: information can be provided by them or they can even clean stains for free.


For cleaning cigarette stain and odour, following ways can be used:

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide: apply hydrogen peroxide to the mattress and blot it while still bubbling. This may help to lessen the stain if not remove it completely. Ensure to blot it with a white, clean and dry cloth.
  2. Rinse with cold water. You may add salt to the water.
  3. Create a baking soda solution: one part of baking soda is mixed with two parts of cold water to make a solution. This is then applied to the stained area and allowed to sit for 30 minutes. Use a dampened cloth to rinse the remaining solution followed by application of dry towel.
  4. Detergent is then applied by gently brushing the affected area with a toothbrush. The area is then blotted with a white cloth. Use a cloth towel to dry the stained area.
  5. For removing the odour, launder your linens frequently.
  6. Spray the odour out: saturate the mattress by using two large cans of Lysol spray one for each side. Dry it for a few days followed by two large bottles of Febreze. Place the hypoallergenic pad cover on.

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